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You get a fair offer in no time

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Our team of professionals will pick up your car safely

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With our mobile app, you have a better overview while your car is getting repaired


All the info is saved in your Autopia account – payments estimate, invoices, service history, pictures, reminders

Peace of mind & delight

We return your car repaired and you still have energy to enjoy spending time on what matters the most.

We make car repair seamless and delightful

Your car is being insured on the way to the repair shop, and you don't need to worry about scratches, we repair cars after all

You said transparency?

All the process is amazingly straightforward:

You can see the live schedule of our drivers and you choose the best time for you

You are in touch with all the important moments in real time through our mobile app

We find the right repair shop for you

All the info is saved in your personal account, so you know what to do next and when

We send you payment estimate

Automation of operational flows helps us repair your car in record time

One subscription.
One app.

All the services that your car needs.

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Frequent questions

To have access to all our services, we invite you to download the Autopia app from App Store and Google Play.
If you own more than 10 cars that need repair and maintenance services or if you want Autopia as a benefit for your employees, please write to us on the Contact form.
After you have made the appointment to pick up the car, an Autopia representative will contact you for details. Later, he will take the car from the place that you choose, at the time set by you.
For most of the works scheduled through Autopia, the repair time is a few hours. Therefore, we return your car repaired and washed, on the same day.
Quality always being a priority for us, so we only work only with top car dealerships and services. Depending on the specifics of the repair, Autopia identifies the specialized service for this type of operation with the best quality/price ratio.
From the moment our representative picks up your car, takes it to the repair shop, and then brings it back to you, Autopia guarantees for it and any incident that may occur is covered entirely by Autopia. In addition, you have a 12-month warranty for all repairs made with the parts and labor of Autopia partners.

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