Employees Benefit

Perfect benefit for employees

Autopia is the benefit that your team is expecting. You can choose it for all your employees or just a fraction of them.

One subscription.
One app.

Autopia is like a medical subscription... but for cars

With an annual subscription, at an affordable price, Autopia makes life easier for you and your employees: you will no longer have to go to the repair shop unless you really want to.

We rely on 400 professional mechanics to solve any problem quickly, to the highest quality standards.

Save tens of hours

Warranty included

Only authorised repair shops


We make magic for your team

Save tens of hours

Autopia will pick up your car and return it repaired and washed, so your team can focus better on the daily tasks

Best deals

Optimize your maintenance costs while getting the coolest experience


All service costs and service history are visible in our app

Extra help

- Changing tyres
- Car accident consultancy
- Road assistance
- Active reminders for all the documents and a lot more directly from Autopia app!

Your team will love Autopia

A huge win for the company, with Autopia benefit:


you don't have to struggle anymore to find attractive employee benefits and differentiate yourself from other companies. Autopia is here!


Your employees focus on what's important: they're no longer stressed or wasting time with car problems


The company or employees pay an annual subscription with monthly installments

Do we team up for your team?

Ready to upgrade your fleet to Autopia?

Write us and we will reply shortly!

Frequent questions

Autopia helps companies differentiate themselves by offering them a simple benefit: Time and peace of mind for their employees, based on an affordable annual subscription. When employees don't have to worry about their cars anymore, they are happy and you are happy.
Autopia takes care of repairing, maintaining, changing tires of your employee cars or your company cars (and anything else that is needed when it comes to cars). This way, employees can focus on what's more important.
If you want to offer Autopia as a benefit for employees, please write to us on the contact form here After we receive your data, an Autopia representative will contact you shortly for more details.
Autopia collaborates with the best professionals in car maintenance and repair: car dealerships, top car services and repair shops. So your car fleet is in the best hands with us. We will help you optimize your car fleet costs, and obtain the best prices for repair services, maintenance, tire change, etc. For a personalized offer, please write to us on the Contact form.